How to Design Album Art

Learn how to create captivating album cover art that will get your music heard.

There aren’t many practical considerations to take while producing album artwork. Album covers are far broader than event posters, flyers, or digital ads, which all give details about whom, what, and where. Their mission is to reflect the tone and spirit of the music within — a challenging feat for any musician! This article provides some pointers for designing and finalizing album artwork. You’ll learn how to create engaging artwork that will ensure the success of your music album.

Pay Attention to the Music!

So, first and foremost. Request that the client actually pay attention to the Album if they don’t already have a clear sense of what they desire. Most real musicians will let you listen to their album with the stipulation that you don’t share it with anyone else.

Decide on a theme. Is it gloomy and melancholy? Bright and vivacious? Is it gritty and unadulterated? The theme should provide you with a rough idea of where you should go.

Make use of the performing musician’s photography.

Is there any imagery that the artist would like to use? If yes, then you’re ready for a wonderful start. You can then do a lot of activities with it. You can use it to make a collage by cutting it out. You can use it to create an illustration. You can also distress it. You’re only constrained by your own collection of tools. Consider what you’re doing to take that picture while keeping the tone in mind.

Make sure the typography matches the music.

A bad typography choice, like usual, may make a concept appear cheap. Regardless of how basic or complex the design is, you want the potential listener to see a picture that looks refined. They’ll presume the music under the cover is sophisticated as well if the cover is.

Look at what typography other artists have chosen for comparable albums and do some research. Look for basic fonts that have a flair for the album’s genre. Look for Western fonts, for example, if it’s a country record. Investigate how artists created symbols in the Old West for ideas. If it’s retro wave music, collect artifacts from the era to make your design more authentic.

Make text placement simple to comprehend.

To follow, there are some simple themes to use. You can center the artist’s brand at the top and the album title at the bottom. Alternatively, put the artist’s name in the top left corner and the album title in the bottom right corner. Because most Westerners read top to bottom, left to right, many album covers adopt the latter technique.

It’s also possible to stack the artist’s name on top of the album title. This is the perfect opportunity to try something new. You can play around with your fonts until you find a happy medium between the visual and the typography if you’ve chosen your fonts correctly. Make many versions to run by the artist.

Get started on your album art

The artists’ participation in the process of creating album artwork is critical. You want to share strong ideas with people, but you also don’t want to disclose anything you’re not quite convinced about, because they may choose to do so. Have faith in yourself. Then, when you’re through, take a look at the artwork and decide whether it accurately portrays the album. If you are done going through these considerations, you’ve completed your task. Kapone Productions can provide quality graphics for your album, contact us or book us for your next project.